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Economic incentives have encouraged producers to expand herd size; consequently there has been a gradual change from pasture-based operations to confinement-type housing systems. Advantages include improved access to feed and water, protection from environmental conditions, and improved hygiene and comfort. 

With this criteria in mind, our goal is to provide high quality farm solutions  along with effective logistics and sales channels.  We work hard to ensure that dairy producers worldwide have access to the best products to take your cows to the next level in cow comfort, hoof health and increased milk production.

Our Products

AgriComfort offers a range of products to help Dairy Farmers. 

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We are passionate about what we do and work hard to ensure that Dairy Farmers have the right products 

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Our Story

Creva International is the parent company of AgriComfort. Creva International works in partnership with the farmer, the distributor and the product, it is a facilitator in B2B relationships who represent the best agri-product manufacturers in the world-helping our client companies grow through telling their stories globally. AgriComfort was founded by Darren VanBuuren of Agri-Plastics and Noel Kelly of Creva Agri-International who are dairy farmers and established leaders in cow and calf comfort solutions. 

Our Products

Dairy power Slurry Aeration System

Ideal for:

  • Cattle, pig and poultry slurry management
  • Treatment plants and industrial sites
  • Concrete tanks, slurry stores and lagoons
  • Uniform consistency and even distribution

The market leader in slurry management, with over 3,000 systems in operation worldwide. The Dairypower Smart Slurry Aeration System is now established as being the most safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of keeping slurry in a homogeneous pumpable state that is always ready to spread, 365 days a year.

Agri-Plastics Calf Hutches

Durable Housing and Accessories for Calves

No one understands the art and science of rotomolding better than the expert team at Agri-Plastics. We prodice durable and long laasting calf hutches in many sizes.

The most important features:
  • extremely durable plastic
  • multi-point ventilation regulation
  • plastic blocking the sun’s rays
  • stable temperature inside the cottage

Take a look at the many innovative molded ideas available now from Agri-Plastics.

HUBER TECHNIK Stall Mattress Systems & Flooring

4GS Sot Beds • 8GS Soft Beds • N Series

• Established in 1925
• Made in Germany
• Exclusively new tire compound

Our highly advanced Huber Technik stall mattresses provides dairy cows with an ideal comfort surface to relax joints, enhance health and improve overall productivity. Combining a specially designed, 100% virgin rubber top cover and composite Agglorex latex foam substructure, this mattress system offers the latest in soft bed technology, with tensile strength that has been tested and proven

Focus on 5

Farm-tested products that redefine the next level of cow comfort.

Economic incentives have encouraged producersto expand herd size; consequently there has been
a gradual change from pasture-based operations toconfinement-type housing systems. Advantages includeimproved access to feed and water, protection from
enviornmental conditions, and improved hygiene and comfort.
With this criteria in mind, our goal is to provide high quality farm solutions along with effective logistics and sales channels.
products to take your cows to the next level in cow comfort, hoof health and increased milk production.

Kurtsan Cow Brushes

A Revolution in Cow Care Comfort

Designed to improve cow health and welfare, the Kurtsan Automatic Cow Brush is a revolution in cow care and comfort. The unique brush rotates on contact at an animal-friendly speed.

Enhances cleanliness
Improves skin health
Keeps cows restful and relaxed
Diminish fly and parasite stress

geyer & hosaja


Dobro rubber mats imitate the natural ground and increase the resting comfort of cows. Thanks to the application of top-quality materials they serve as a perfect insulation base and reduce the costs of breeding. Special construction of as well as an anti-slip structure of the mat reduces the risk of joint and hoof injuries, which causes a significant increase in quality.




  • Ability to regulate air
  • New and advanced technology
  • Flaps moving up and down based on needs

With this technology, the ability to regulate air speed is virtually limitless. Regardless of the calf housing setup, the requirements for delivering fresh air at the desired speed can always be met.



The trailers, that come in a large variety of size from 40 to over 500 bottles, make it easy to feed your hutch calves.
The stainless steel mixing vats and nipple washers lines make the perfect set up for feeding calves complete. HMI lets you mix consistently, distribute bottles quickly and clean efficient.

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