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Agri Plastics deals with the implementation and distribution of the highest quality equipment and technological solutions used by leading dairy farmers. We focus on the 5 main aspects of calf rearing: ventilation, bedding, temperature, feeding and cattle management.

Raising calves in an igloo system contributes to a better immunity and health of the calves and less falls. Calves tolerate outdoor rearing better than in a damp, dusty barn. Individual approach to the animal through frequent care reduces the risk of spreading contagious diseases in calves. In addition, calves are less fearful due to more frequent, direct contact with humans.


Calf Hutch SSL

The newest SSL house by Agri-Plastics is a response to the current market needs. It is ideal for smaller calves or systems with a shorter individual rearing period. The SSL House features a manger with two buckets, roof ventilation, 3-in-1 rear door and bottom vents.

Calth Hutch SL

The SL calf hutch is used for a standard rearing period of up to 6 weeks. The set includes roof ventilation, rear 3-in-1 doors, lower vents and a handle with two buckets, which can be mounted both at the back and at the side door.

Calf Hutch EXL

The Agri-Plastics EXL hutch has been the best-selling model for 18 years. Designed for longer individual rearing, 8-10 weeks. Thanks to such a large surface, it provides better protection against wind, rain and snow in places with cooler climates

Group Hutch

Group Hutch is a group hutch for 5-6 calves depending on age. We start rearing in a group house after the end of rearing in an individual house. The goal is to reduce the stress of calves by smoothly transitioning from an individual to a group system. By moving your weaned calves to the Agri-Plastics group hutch, you will eliminate competition for food and water, and the calves will get used to the presence of other calves.

Drop-In-Go System Pens

Agri-Plastics’ plastic indoor pens are the perfect way to rearing calves inside buildings, halls or barns.

They are light and assembly and disassembly is very simple and fast. Thanks to this, we are able to use the building to the best extent at the moment. The material used for production makes these products extremely durable.

Flex Pen System Internal Pens

The new standalone Flex-Pen system has removable side panels, so calves can be easily grouped or separated for their welfare or health condition. This solution has many possible configurations and can be extended at will. At the moment, this system is the only one on the market that offers such a simple connection and division of pens. Moreover, there is also no product where the front door and the rear panel can be swapped so easily.

Baths For Disinfection

Regular foot bathing in the tub contributes to the improvement of hoof health, and thus translates into efficiency and profit. The specially designed bottom of our bathtubs causes the hoof to open for better penetration. This product is made of a very durable polymer and has double walls, so there is no need to reinforce it with a wooden frame.

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